Honor Brewing Company, Inc.

Honor Brewing Company, Inc.

Made with pride. Served with respect. Shared in tribute.

Allen Cage - Partner

Son of a US Army veteran and himself a retired US Army LTC and helicopter pilot with 26 years of active duty.  “I served my country proudly and willing now it’s time to give back to the men, women and families that serve our country.  Freedom isn’t free but it’s our duty as Americans to take care of our veterans.”  

Dave Keuhner - Partner

Son, Grandson, Great Grandson and Son In-Law in families that have given more than 70 years of combined service to our nation, including the Korean War, World II and Vietnam.  David was only six years old when he lost his father, a helicopter pilot who served two tours in Vietnam in Special Operations. “This project is not only for my family, it’s for all of those men, women and families that serve our country.  We owe them our freedom.

Sean Meyer - Partner

Sean's Grandfather proudly served two tours, one during World War II and the second in Korea. He has spent his career honing his skills working for some of the nation's most celebrated chefs and some of California's most prestigious wineries.  Sean understands the sacrifices his grandfather had to make and has intimately learned what our nation’s heroes and their families go through today.  “We make beer to Honor our nations heroes and their families so we have to put everything we can into each bottle.  Quality is everything”

Joe Perecco - Consulting Brewmaster

Honor Warrior IPA

Alcohol by Volume: 6.8%

IBU rating: 65

Flavor Profile 
Warrior IPA is bold and flavorful American ale that showcases the intense citrus and pine aromatics of U.S. hop varieties.  It is brewed with a mixture of lightly kilned malted barley and a generous amount of un-malted oats for enhanced body.  

Heavy late additions of Nugget, Zythos, and Ahtanum hops bring forth flavors reminiscent of lemon balm, grapefruit zest, dank herbs, bright citrus fruit and pine forest.  

Honor Golden Ale

Alcohol by Volume: 4.9%

IBU rating: 17

Flavor Profile 
Honor Golden Ale is a smooth and full bodied American style golden ale brewed with US grown pilsner and white wheat malts, and hops sourced from the finest Washington and Oregon hop farms.

A long and cold fermentation with a Bavarian yeast strain lends a clean and smooth flavor, accentuated by small herbal and citrus tones from the hops, and is rounded out by a bready malt character.

Hoppier than some other golden ale, this ale is a throwback to the flavorful American ales that would have existed before prohibition.

Cherry Wheat

Alcohol by Volume: 5.5%

IBU rating: 10

Flavor Profile Honor Cherry Wheat is a Belgian style American wheat beer that is brewed to be crisp, refreshing, and drinkable.  Brewed with Pilsner and wheat malts, American yeast, and one pound per gallon of fresh tart and sweet cherry puree. 

Honor Golden Ale

Launched in late April, our Faces of Honor project brings your favorite Honor Beer staples to the beach or your backyard barbeque! Honor Golden Ale and Warrior IPA are available in 12oz cans.  These cans are printed with the photos of fallen heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country and the freedoms we enjoy.  It is our duty, our calling, and our responsibility to remember them, share their stories, and honor their sacrifice every day. It's why we do what we do. 

We also have Merchandise available for purchase.  Please click the link below:


How does Honor Brewing Company help me honor our veterans?

It may seem impossibly humble, but just enjoying a beer can provide a powerful way to remember and respect those who serve. Order a pint, crack open a bottle, and you’re making a contribution to organizations charged with preserving the memory of those who have fallen, and improving the lives of wounded veterans. 

How do I honor someone with Honor Brewing?

You can submit your hero’s information below. Share a story. Offer a memory. Recall their character as only you, as a loved one, can. You know their dedication and have lived with their commitment. It deserves to be honored.

What will Honor Brewing do?

Each honoree represented will be featured on our will have a distinctive Honor Brewing Tribute Tap handle, which features a mini-sculpture of well-worn combat boots. The tap will include customized dog tags in their name.

As Honor Brewing beers launch across the country, we’ll designate special Tribute Tap locations within a 50-mile radius of where the honoree grew up. One that tap is in place, we’ll let families know the locations where Honor beers are on tap -- the locations you can go and raise a  glass in their honor.

Honor Brewing Company can also help arrange fundraisers on behalf of your honoree at specific locations. Reach out and we’ll work together to make it happen!

Remember, a portion of every beer we pour will be donated to charities that benefit families of the fallen, and our injured veterans. We’ve worked tirelessly to develop relationships with charitable partners that share our sense of honor, and who have the deepest possible commitment to our veterans and their families.

If you have a charitable organization you want to recommend, don’t hesitate to email us at charity@honorbrewing.com.     

Why should I honor someone?

As a family member or friend, as a battle buddy or brother from basic training, you can nominate and celebrate your veteran as you see fit. They’ve given more than is asked. Your answer is your own.

Everyone has different reasons why they want to honor someone. Share yours with us. 

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