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Fat Dog Creatives

Fat Dog Creatives

Graphic design to grab attention, evoke curiosity, and influence behavior.

Logo, event, marketing, and web design for associations, small- to mid-sized businesses that helps build success to increase what they can give to their communities

area: Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, WA
address: 1530 JENSEN AVE., DuPont, WA. 98327
ph: 512-943-2771
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  • Fat Dog Creatives is a full-service design studio…of one. With direct and unfettered access to your designer, you can contact me immediately when you have a need or concern–no middle-person or gatekeeper. While I work collaboratively with marketing teams and associations throughout the US remotely, I also work with businesses local to the Tacoma and Olympia areas. I move around the country, so my next or previous (Austin, San Antonio, and Washington, DC) local area may indeed be near you!

    Most of my clients are associations, insurance companies, financial services firms, construction and development companies, and retailers that desire an experienced, educated professional who knows and understand their industries. While I hold a BA and MA in communications and speak on communications and design-related topics, I use my experience working for companies within these industries to evaluate the business climate and clients’ needs and synthesize significant amounts of content into smaller, digestible messages both graphically and in writing.

    Much of the work I do is logo design (some branding) and convention/conference exhibition graphics. However, I also design marketing collateralweb sites, and other publications. Print is my passion, but web design is where it all started in the mid 1990s. (Actually, the programming foundation started in the early 1990s on an Apple IIE in high school learning BASIC.


    Your business’s visual manifestation and representation. It’s the first and most important visual for your business.

    A brand encompasses all the ways it’s communicated. Logos are the face of the brand/business since you cannot be everywhere all the time. As the brand’s major graphical representation, a logo anchors a company’s personality and mission and becomes the single most visible manifestation of the company within the target market.


    From the event logo to way-finding signage and from large entrance units and hanging aisle marker, branding your event in a big way doesn’t mean a bank-breaking budget. Steps, floors, railings, windows, any surface in your venue can deliver your message and theme.


    Marketing & advertising, events & trade shows, infographics, desktop publishing, and printing services

    Design is present everywhere — newspaper, magazines, packaging, branding, websites, posters, books, and signage. It gives your business another visual representation. Just by looking at it you have a feeling and mental position in mind for the product or service. Good design matters.


    You can edit and manage your aesthetic, affordable, responsive Word Press website site with confidence and ease with the best user experience.
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    • Bronze Star Home Team, Juan Delgado
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  • This is not my first attempt at a new service, but I want to give it my greatest effort. My initial thoughts of a marketing strategy included Rhonda, a person who understands how insane starting a marketing campaign can be. Not only does she give me original designs and concepts, but her marketing counsel is invaluable. She helps to remind me that my services are valuable and meaningful to others. Thank you so much!

    ~Dr. Shawn Washington, Circle E Ranch

    Rhonda was great to work with! She helped facilitate a process that is extremely important for every business owner. I would even call her an alchemist. She was able to take my ideas, sketches, and vision and turn it into a logo that I will continue to use for years to come! What’s more is that people are inspired by just looking at the logo. That’s all I could have ever wanted. Highly recommended!

    ~Sumair Bhasin, TrainLifeFit

    Rhonda is an extremely talented and creative designer. She is always able to capture the vision of her clients. I would highly recommend her services without hesitation.

    ~Joe Zeinner, Entrepreneur

  • Contact me to get information on what you need to achieve your business goals.
    area: Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, WA
    address: 1530 JENSEN AVE., DuPont, WA. 98327
    ph: 512-943-2771