A Little Bit Of Everything/A.L.B.O.E. Llc.

A Little Bit Of Everything/A.L.B.O.E. Llc.

-A Lifestyle Collective Platform-

A.L.B.O.E. is an umbrella over improving health​ and​ wellness services, arts & creativity and cross-generational engagement to serve, with entrepreneurs with synonomous missions.

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 D.C. and Maryland
 Washington, DC. 20003
An Air Force and Air National Guard veteran, Miss Darden has an unquestionable spirit of volunteerism and is an advocate for focused teamwork.  She has provided her time, supporting the functioning of local and national events and is passionate about promoting the arts and culture, healthy lifestyle, and information leading to economic empowerment, civil rights and social action. 

When she shares with people the areas she's studied and knowledgeable in, and her event participation, the response often is 'You do a little bit of everything'. Miss Darden is up to the task of empowering people to tap into meeting their best selves and presenting challenging ideas of exposure to things you haven't achieved...yet.
Going by S., her company A.L.B.O.E., Llc. was named with the above things, her creativity, focusing on becoming the change she wants to see, and more in mind. The company recruits those who meet the necessary requirements with credentials, and have technical skills to support their will to provide high-quality, enjoyable and effective service. 

The subsidiaries RelaxTation and Flash-Fit highlight the focus on Health and Wellness services. 

  • RelaxTation (re-lack-stay-shun) improves increased mental hygiene and physical relief. Coming to staff and employees within the workplace and event venues for employee appreciation, openings, team-building and other designated gatherings to relieve the stress of small groups and exalt them with exclusive attention. 
  • Flash-Fit is the short term fitness camp led by a physically toned and health-aware personal trainer or Exercise/Movement guide​. ​It's also limited in capacity, and designed for the health conscious to get back on track to an exercise routine​,​ or ​seeking to generally improve ​the​ physique.

^ Flash-Fit and RelaxTation operate with mobile access: coming to your workplace, venue or fitness facility! ^

View the brochure here:

  • Some RelaxTation services are:
Power nap​ with ​Aromatherapy​,​
Scalp massage,
​B​ack massage,
Hand & arm massage,
Leg & foot massage,
Hand-softening treatments.

*Wonderful idea to occupy your lunch break, the end of a late shift, or to gift for a friend's birthday gathering or pre-nuptial event*

  • Flash-Fit camp provides:
Five sessions led by a health-aware personal trainer or a​n ​Exercise/Movement guide​,
Learning proper stretching, proper form and breathing tips, 
Weight Resistance and Cardio warm-ups, Core movements, 
Small size camp capacity, or personal sessions​ are available, 
Held in your residential fitness room and other flexible, designated exercise areas that are convenient. 

*Gain fitness methods that can be achieved IN YOUR OWN HOME*

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Complimentary RelaxTation services provided at Ladies' Night Out, 2013.Foot massage - RelaxTationQueen Tee - Women's Empowerment conference & book launch vendor (RelaxTation), 2018Flash-Fit flyerAd - Flash-FitWorkout time!Congratulations, author Queen Tee!Snack: HEALTHY trail mix to stay fit

'I had the pleasure of taking Flash-Fit camp class at the end of February through early March, and it was very helpful. The exercises that were designed were not only very doable, but challenging. I felt them the next day and that’s usually my benchmark for effectiveness. A lot of the exercises I had been doing with my personal trainer, but I was definitely shown a few things (with Flash-Fit) ​that I have incorporated! I would highly recommend classes to anyone.'

~Brenda Ford, 2016

'I received a hand massage out of this world. I didn’t realize how tense your hands become from the daily activities of life. RelaxTation is exactly what you will receive from this professional therapist! I recommend them to anyone who doubts the quality of there work. Simply outstanding.'

~Sherman Williams, 2017

'MAN, when you fall asleep you already know the answer!!! Thumbs up! Uber professional.'

~Steven M., 2018

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For the next scheduled camp dates, pricing, and payment - for either - visit https://squareup.com/store/alboebiz and scroll to Flash-Fit Camp 

 D.C. and Maryland
 Washington, DC. 20003
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