Virginia Paris Shuttle LLC

Virginia Paris Shuttle LLC

Pick Up & Delivery Service

'VIRGINIA PARIS' is willing to work with you personally if you need items moved. For example; furniture, boxes, hardware, appliance pick up

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 Northern Virginia
 Annandale, VA. 22003
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We will pick up and deliver items that you need to get to your home. Have you ever gone into a store, made a purchase of a large item, then suddenly wondered how you would get it home? Well, we have the answer. Call us. We will be glad to pick-up the item and take it to wherever you want. Whether that is from the store to home or moving a few pieces of furniture or boxes from your home to your mother-in-law. Moving stuff into or out of your storage bin, picking up an appliance for delivery, or maybe you need to get that large screen TV home. We are here to serve you, the customer.

After retiring from both Fairfax County Public Schools and the U.S. Army, I decided to fulfill a dream that I have harbored for some time now. I finally took the step to become an entrepreneur. With the growing dynamics of  the Washington, DC metropolitan  area and the  busy schedules that most people have, I hope to fill a void that  could make your life easier. I am here to serve you, the busy parent(s), the busy professionals who work long hours then have to come home, cook,clean and manage the kids. If you find that you do need something picked-up or taken from point A to point B, keep me in mind. Remember, that could be to the Airport, shopping mall, Ikea Furniture, Home Depot or moving boxes from a small office. 

Also, in the school system where I once worked I got to be around a lot of young students. Most parents, as I too experienced, are tasked with taking their young students off to the college dorms each school year. If you as parents, desire to take a break, I can delivery & pick-up the furniture and other belongings if you get tired of making that long road trip each and every fall and spring. 


Can assist in moving items, boxes, smaller furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, moving small office equipment, pick up from Costco or other department stores and will move students in and out of dorm rooms at the beginning and end of semesters. 

The size, weight, the distance traveled and sometimes the number of items (boxes) may determine the final costs.
Basic Costs: $75.00 Initial Pick Up
0-5 miles- No additional Costs
6-25 miles $1 per mile
26-100 miles   $2 per mile
Above 100 miles Negotiable
Loading & Waiting more than 15 minutes subject to additional costs (negotiable)

Please feel free to contact us using the information below.
 Northern Virginia
 Annandale, VA. 22003
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