The Rosie Network
The Rosie Network, Let's All Pull Together!
Looking for an accountant?...a painter?...that perfect handmade gift?  If so, wouldn't you prefer to hire or buy from a verified military family-owned business?  

Great.  Welcome to The Rosie Network!  We are are a non-profit founded by military spouses whose mission is to promote our military family-owned businesses to the public by making it easy to find them.  What does it cost to use our Rosie's List search tool?  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.

What makes us different from those "other" lists?  First, we're a NETWORK, not just a list. 

Sure.  We only feature military family-owned businesses on our Rosie's List search tool, but we don't stop there. Through our network of like-minded partners, we provide access to valuable business support & resources, on-line entrepreneurial training, mentoring and more!  All at no cost to our military members or their families, whether that business is 'just an idea' or ready to expand!

We also provide a URL-friendly Business Profile Webpage complete with a photo gallery, content tabs, a place for testimonials and more!  This profile page is customized to suit your business needs. 

If you'd like to keep up-to-date on our progress, just enter your email address on our Home Page.  We respect your privacy and do not spam.

Support your military families and make Rosie's List on The Rosie the FIRST place you visit when shopping online.  You can make a difference!

Thank you.

The Rosie Network, We Can Do It!
We Make Finding Military Spouse & Veteran-owned Businesses EASY.

How does it work?

The American public shows its support of our armed services in many ways. What better way to show that support than to patronize a business owned and operated by a military spouse or veteran?

Locating these businesses has been difficult in the past. Not anymore.  Our Rosie's List search tool makes it easy! Consumers can now search for products and services provided by verified military family-owned businesses in their area or across the country.

All businesses within our Network are verified as military veteran or spouse-owned through (formerly TroopID) a veteran-owned company which provides verfiication services to the Veterans Administration, and many others.  Your information is secure and never shared.

Are you eligible?  If you are a business owner and you have served, or are married to someone who has served in the Armed Forces, you are qualified to register your business at no cost on our Network.  We proudly include our brothers and sisters with the National Guard, Coast Guard and reserves.

If you are an American consumer who would prefer to hire or buy from a military family-owned business, make Rosie's List the first place you visit online.  New businesses are added every day so we encourage you to check back frequently. 


What is a "Business Profile Webpage"?

The Rosie Network Business Profile Webpage is a comprehensive and customizable template created to help promote the military family-owned businesses in our Network.  

The goal being simple: to provide an online presence for our members without the cost associated with developing and hosting a website and secondly, to give online shoppers an easier format to learn about these businesses.  

Each Business Profile Webpage includes a contact link and content tabs for a photo gallery, description of services and more.  Already have a website?  We provide a link.  Every webpage is given a URL-friendly web address allowing customers direct access to an individual Business Profile Webpage without the need to use the search tool.  This template allows the business owner to focus on what they do best: growing their business.