DIX Auto Detailing

DIX Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing Yukon OK - servicing cars, trucks, SUVs, boats and RVs with Mobile service throughout the Oklahoma City area

Auto Detailing Yukon OK - Service at our shop and with Mobile service throughout the Oklahoma City area

Hello -

I'm Dick Christopher, the owner of DIX Auto Detailing. I'm often referred to as 'the detail guy.'  This is a fitting label since I'm extremely demanding about how things should be - meticulous almost to a fault.

In the auto detailing business, these are good qualities to have. I don't quit until I've done everything possible to solve the problem.

I owe much of this to spending over 30 years in the aircraft maintenance
business, where attention to detail was a must - one little detail missed could mean people's lives.

I thrive on challenges. I get a charge out of taking a filthy stained car and making it look better than the day it was bought. Believe me when I tell you, 'I
can make a silk purse from a sow's ear'.
Cleaning Only - Interior and/or Exterior 
Detailing - Interior and/or Exterior 
Engine Detailing 
Deoderizing Treatment using UV Light & Ozone 
FULL DETAILNG - includes all of the above items 

Additional services:
Headlight Restoration
Leather Reconditioning
Paste Waxing with Hand-polishing 
Windshield repair
Paint Touchup
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Dix Mobile Auto detailing is phenomenal. We recently scheduled an interior detail for a car we were wanting to sell. It had several stains on the carpet and leather and the interior just looked old and worn in general. I was hoping that it would look Dix Mobile Auto detailing is phenomenal. We recently scheduled an interior detail for 'presentable' when they were finished as it wasn't sellable in the condition it was in, Dix Mobile Auto detailing is phenomenal. We recently scheduled an interior detail for in my opinion. Dix arrived right on time and started to work immediately. I am not even sure how long it took but it was much longer than I would have expected anyone to spend for the price we paid. The attention to detail - and I mean every nook and cranny - was amazing. The car is 13 years old and I can honestly say the interior looked almost NEW when they were finished. I was blown away. They even did some type of air treatment through the vents that removed all odors from the car. The car sold to the first person who looked at it. They couldn't believe what great condition it was in for being 13 years old. If they had only seen it a week ago... Haha! I HIGHLY recommend Dix for timely, affordable, courteous and IMMACULANT service.

~M. Carson - May 8, 2014 , Facebook

No question, Dix Auto Detailing is the best money can buy when it comes to detailing your car. They do the best job we have seen of anyone in OKC or DFW, and they come to you! We first used the service on a 2010 Volvo XC90 that had been well used by our kids. When Mr. Christopher was done, the car looked better than brand new....which helped when we traded it in on a new vehicle two weeks later. The dealer couldn't believe it was a 2010 with 65k miles. We will continue to use Dix for detailing all our vehicles and look forward to our future business with Mr. Christopher.

~C & J Wright - Yukon, OK 5-26-14

Thank you AGAIN for the meticulous job of auto detailing you performed on my 2005 GMC YUKON SUV. You literally made a 'silk purse out of a sow's ear'. Your detailing work restored both the inside and outside of my SUV to like new condition. The detailing work was performed at my home address. The drive way was left cleaner than when you arrived. Thanks again for the great restoration of my vehicle. I would recommend your company and exceptional quality work to anyone. Regards, David N. Harris Yukon, OK

~David N. Harris Yukon, OK 4-27-13

Please feel free to contact us using the information below.
 Canadian County
 726 GARTH BROOKS BLVD, Yukon, OK. 73099
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