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Plexus Worldwide, Inc.

Most natural way to lose weight and regain your health!

One all-natural pink drink a day helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids at healthy levels. Increases will-power over food, lose weight by burning fat, not muscle.

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 Northwestern Denver area including Boulder, Broomfield, Westminster
 Ambassador #179523, Arvada, CO. 80005
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After 22 years, I retired from the Air Force.  After my last deployment I became very ill with Epstein Barr Virus.  After 7 years of tests and drugs, I thought I'd have to learn to live my life in bed and with very limited activity.  The virus broke down my immune system and caused my joints and bones to be weak.  I ended up being diagnoised with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, and Bulging Disks all along my back and neck area.  I had not been able to work full time for those 7 years.  In September 2013, a friend introduced me to Plexus Slim, an all natural, pomegranate tasting drink to help lose weight.  I gave it a shot.  After a little over a month, not only did I lose weight from all the meds I was on, but I was also able to start reducing my meds.  I gained energy back I hadn't seen in years.  My pain was reduced enough to go back to the gym and actually do things with my family.  To me, Plexus has provided my life back and I'm excited to pass it on to others as either customers or fellow ambassadors.
Plexus Worldwide, Inc. began back in 2005 as a breast health company. They created the Breast Chek Kit as seen on 'The Doctors' television program.  In 2007, they saw their formula to help diabetics lower their blood sugar did that, but also helped their cholestral and lose weight.  They packaged their formula into an easy-to-drink powder which you mix with a bottle of water.  Not only did diabetics benefit, but people who had other medical issues as well as being overweight began to find wonderful results using Plexus Slim.  In 2011, they added the Accelerator and just last year the Accelerator+ which aids the progress of the orginal Plexus Slim.  They've also recently added the XFactor multi-vitamin with Aloe Vera which helps the body absorb key nutrients rather than just go through the body.  To aid the body in cleansing and healing itself, they also developed BioCleanse which oxygenates the digestive tract.  Probio5 is a complete probiotic that not only adds the good bacteria, but also rids the body of the bad bacteria, which most over-the-counter probiotics do not do.  Finally, their Fast Relief products are a great addition if you have nerve or muscle pain.  Safer for your digestive tract than Motrin or other pain relievers, Fast Relief provides an effective way to reduce every day pain with all-natural ingredients.
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Plexus Slim and Accelerator+Plexus BioCleansePlexus ProBio5Breast Self-Examination KitPlexus XFactor with AloeFast Relief Capsules and CreamPlexus Fast Relief Nerve Health SupportPlexus Body Cream featuring Spirulina AlgeaChrissy 'Before'Chrissy 'After'Me, 'before' during this summer and 'after' Now!  :)Yes, this is the same person!Yes, it is safe for children!  Heather's son, healthy now!Philip Jon's previsious medications...Philip Jon 'before' PlexusPhilip Jon 'after' Plexus

I just wanted to take a moment to express how gracious I am to have discovered Plexus! It has been a life changer for me! Not only for the weight loss but also for helping me with my symptoms from Crohn's Disease! I began drinking Plexus Slim on April 1, 2013. My second day of drinking Plexus Slim I realized that I haven't ran to the nearest restroom or haven't stopped in my tracks with horrible cramps! I would run to the restroom at least 8-10 times a day, and each visit to the restroom would last at least 20-30 minutes. Having Crohn's affected not only my home life, but also affected my career. I hated having to explain to everyone on the job why I was constantly in the restroom. Since I have been drinking Plexus Slim all of that has nearly vanished! I no longer have to wonder and worry where the nearest restroom is and my career is no longer jeopardized from spending long periods of time in the restroom. Plexus Slim has changed my life! Check out her before/after pictures in the Gallery!

~Plexus customer Chrissy

Well... NOW THAT'S THE WAY TO START OFF THE WEEK!!! My doctors appointment went GREAT!! My levels are starting to increase(I suffer from Lupus, Raynauds Phenomenon and hypothyroidism) my cholesterol is down, they have officially lowered my daily thyroid and anxiety medications AND I've lost 32 pounds since my last blood work 3 months ago! He's repeating all blood work in 1 month and we will re-evaluate if my levels are still increasing then he will no longer be recommending 5 VERY expensive Lupus medications!!!! I've worked hard for this but I know I couldn't have done it without Plexus! OH HAPPY DAY!!!! SO GLAD I STARTED PLEXUS ON MAY 8th!!!

~Plexus customer Angela

Heather says - 'Love you Mom!' It hit me this morning as Caleb said this, that prior to last year, he rarely if ever said it. Now he says it many times a day. He rarely smiled and he NEVER sang or hummed! He was emotionally detached, didn't show remorse, and very defiant. His ADHD medication had caused him to be severely underweight, you could count every rib and vertebrae and his hips were drastically sunken in... He had developed tics where he would pick holes into his face, he couldn't sleep, and he was suicidal (he didn't share this with me until later). Caleb has made such amazing progress this year! With his Pediatricians approval, we started him on Plexus and he gained 10lbs after only a few months, even while he was still on his ADHD meds... and then an additional 25lbs after he got off his ADHD meds this summer! He looks so healthy now and HAPPY!!! I am so very thankful that The Lord lead us to Plexus and all of the life changing progress it has made in his physical and emotional health! So thankful to have my son back!!! Okay, I need to go grab a tissue! See her son now in the Gallery!

~Plexus Customer Heather

My Plexus Journey-Philip Jon The first picture was taken Feb. 16, 2013 before Plexus. The next two were taken March 26, 2013. 1 week after starting my first 30 day supply of Plexus. The next three were taken April 17, 2013 at 30 days of taking Plexus. Here is my story. My whole life I have struggled with my weight and over the last 9 years have watched my health decline. I was very skeptical that Plexus would help me after all I have tried just about every diet plan and pill out there for my weight and with my health it seemed like every time I went to the doctor they were prescribing another medication for me or increasing my doses, I felt drugged and horrible. The last picture is of the prescriptions that I used to take every day! Now, Thanks to Plexus 1 month later and my breathing has improved so much I have been able to cut out my inhalers. My blood pressure dropped and I have been able to cut out my High blood pressure meds. My I.B.S. is history, another medication gone. My acid reflux gone, another medication history. My anxiety/panic attacks gone, overall anxiety level and feeling of stress dropped drastically, more meds gone. My allergies for the first time in years are not bothering me, two more meds gone. My psoriasis on my feet and the eczema on my stomach is almost gone, Thanks to the Probio5. I used to have 1-2 migraine headaches a week and have not had one since being on Plexus. Another two medications gone. 9 years ago I was diagnosed with Bi-polar type 1 disorder and for years have been on several medications to treat the symptoms but I always still suffered from bad mood swings and my dosage levels have more then quadrupled over the years. NOW, thanks to Plexus, I have not had a mood swing since starting Plexus. I took the Plexus Slim package to my Dr to look at and he told me, 'the only thing in here is plants, it will not hurt you and if its helping keep taking it.' I have been able to stop drinking caffeine, I now wake up in the mornings alert and ready to go. I now sleep and dream while I sleep at night no more insomnia, another medication gone. And if that was not amazing enough I have lost 24 pounds, gone from 42%-34% body fat, dropped from a size 48 waist to a 42 waist with a belt (need to go buy smaller pants) and went from a 3x shirt to a 1x shirt. ALL of this while taking Plexus Slim/Accelerator, and Probio5, NO Dieting or Exercising. THANK YOU PLEXUS See his progress in the Gallery!

~Plexus customer Philip Jon

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 Northwestern Denver area including Boulder, Broomfield, Westminster
 Ambassador #179523, Arvada, CO. 80005
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