High Heel Healers

High Heel Healers

High Heel Tip Repair Kit

A quick fix to a worn down heel tip.

How it All Started

The concept, in its simplicity, was derived due to a personal need.  I was getting ready for a sales appointment that required me to walk on hard surfaced floors.  After coordinating my outfit and preparing to dress I was putting on the finishing touches - my shoes - I discovered to my dismay and subsequent horror that the tips on my heels were worn down to the pin that holds the tip into the heel shaft.  My options at this point were limited.

Change into another pair of shoes - this was not an option as the particular pair of pants I chose were not long enough for my typical high heels and my only pair of low heels were the ones to which we are discussing.

I could change into another outfit - this was also not an option due to the time constraint

Or, I would wear the busted shoes and sound like ball barrings falling on a marble floor.

What I did

I chose my third option. I wore the shoes knowing it would cause a tacky clicking noise, alerting  all those I walked past to hear my shame and embarrassment.  I tried as best I could to walk on the tip of the shoe trying in vain to keep the heel from touching the floor, this caused me to walk with a limp of sorts and garnered sympathetic looks from all those who caught me.  I had said to myself as I was placing the disgraced shoes upon my feet 'Why isn't there something available in the store that I can just slap onto the bottom of my shoes and get me through the day?'  Thus the dream for High Heel Healers was born.
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Before and Happily Ever AFTERKit - Size Small
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