Jade Scuba Adventures

Jade Scuba Adventures

Personalized and private CPR and SCUBA training

We provide customized SCUBA and CPR training packages based you personal desires, needs, and cost. We also offer customized SCUBA travel packages.

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 Orange County, Southern Los Angeles County
 Huntington Beach, CA. 92647
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Ashley Arnold
PADI IDC Staff Instructor
Ashley served our country for 11 years in the Army and Tennessee National Guard. She completed two deployments in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. When she left the Armed Forces, Ashley found SCUBA diving as a form of treatment for PTSD. She became an instructor to share SCUBA diving with the Veteran Community. Ashley has taught diving throughout Utah and Southern California.

Jake Fitzgerald
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
Prior to entering the underwater world, Jake served his local communities in Orange County as an Emergency Medical Technician and law enforcement. When he discovered diving, it quickly became an obsession. In his first year diving, Jake completed well over 100 dives, several advanced specialties, and became an instructor. He is excited to share his love of the ocean with everyone. 
SCUBA Training and Services
We offer customized training for each client based on your personal desires, needs, and cost. Have your own pool? You can do your training in your own backyard! We bring the equipment and training to you. Don't have a pool? No problem! You can come to ours.

Open Water Certification
All necessary equipment is provided during the pool session except your boots. You will have the opportunity to try different fins and masks to see what you like best before purchasing your mask, fins, snorkel and gloves for the open water dives. 
You will complete knowledge development, pool training and open water dives as part of your certification process. 
We max our classes out at 3 students to 1 instructor to provide the highest quality training, one on one attention and safety during all SCUBA training activities. Each training dive is 30-45 minutes, depending on air consumption.

Guided Dives
Already a certified diver? Scuba Divers and above are welcome to participate in guided dives. We provide shore dives as well as boat dives. This is a great way to discover new dive sites and 'rent a buddy' if you are visiting from out of town and want to dive!
Common dive sites include Casino Point Dive Park-Catalina Island, Shaw's Cove, Crescent Cove, Heisler Park-Picnic Beach (Laguna Beach), Inspiration Point - Corona Del Mar, and night dives or deep dives at Redondo Beach's Veteran's Park.

SCUBA Refresher Training
When's the last time you practiced your emergency ascents? Mask clearing? reg retrieval? Bouyancy skills? Have you been out of the water for 6 months or more? Then it is time for a SCUBA skills review. Come join us in the pool or a calm Ocean dive site to review your scuba skills.

Advanced and Specialty Diver training
You've been certified as a diver, so you know everything, right? Well, you know the basics. So, why not check out the different types of diving? Explore new horizons in diving and find more ways to enjoy the underwater world! 
Check out these following options with us:
-Night Diving 
-Altitude Diving
-Deep Diving
-Search and Recovery Diver
-Peak Performance Bouyancy
-Boat Diving
-Fish Identification
-Underwater Photography
-Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)
-Drysuit Diver
-Underwater Navigation

Interested in learning more about the natural underwater world and how to protect it? These specialties might be right for you:
-Project Aware
-Dive Against Debris
-Coral Reef Conservation

Rescue Diver
Are you an Advanced Open Water Diver? Have experience but want to learn how to better take care of yourself and your buddy if an emergency should arise during your dive? This is the class for you! I recommend this as a minimum training level all divers should reach.

Interested in becoming a dive professional? Give us a call and we will discuss the application process for divemaster training.

CPR and First Aid Training
Jade scuba Adventures offers training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), First Aid, Care for Children, and Emergency Oxygen Provider. The training is offered through Emergency First Response and PADI. We train the lay rescuer to follow the same priorities of care used by medical professionals. We bring the training to your home or office and offer flexible pricing options.
Please visit our website at https://jadescubaadventures.com/scuba-gear/
and https://jadescubaadventures.com/first-aid-kits/ for an updated product and brand listing.

I'm so glad I chose Jade Scuba to take my diving to the next level! I cannot wait to attend the Women's Dive Day trip with Jade Scuba Adventures. I'm currently working on my Advanced Open Water certification with Jade Scuba Adventures and it's been a blast so far! I feel confident and safe navigating underwater-plus the staff are fu, hilarious, and informative.


Thanks to Ashley Arnold for the AWEOME help with the drysuit! Really made a difference.

~Christina G.

You can visit our website at https://jadescubaadventures.com/ for more information.

Also, please email us at info@jadescubaadventures.com
or call us at 714-794-2580

 Orange County, Southern Los Angeles County
 Huntington Beach, CA. 92647
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