Knoteworthy Kards & Prints

Knoteworthy Kards & Prints

Knoteworthy Kards & Prints specializes in printing individual and boxes of 8 assorted photo note cards and 8 envelopes.

My mother loved to take photographs. I remember her using an old fold-up large format bellows camera (black & white). It was later replaced by a Brownie and then by an Instamatic. She continued taking 'snaps' well into her 80s on her senior citizens trips. Even though I saw her taking all the pictures I didn't really have any interest in taking photos myself. Later, when I was in the service, one day I walked into the PX and bought my first camera. I was soon taking, developing and printing my own photos.

After buying additional lenses, flash attachments, tripods, filters and experimenting with different films, I have to say that I was hooked. I have been an avid photographer since. I took photos on vacations and weekend travel trips but it wasn't until I got married that I started taking people pictures. My wife has a very large family, over 100 for Thanksgiving dinner and over the years I have become the unofficial (maybe official) family photographer for all family functions.

In 1994 my wife and I had the opportunity to travel around the United States for a year and a half in our motor home. Needless to say I took hundreds of travel, picturesque and landscape photographs. It wasn't until I bought my first digital camera that I started to realize that I was pretty good at my hobby. I still had no thoughts of starting a business and selling photos until one day my wife asked me to make up a box of photographic notecards to offer as a prize in a July 4th auction. We wanted to offer the whole package so we went into a gift shop and tried to buy a pen with a United States flag on it, the theme being the 4th of July. They did have some but were all sold out. The store owner asked why we wanted the pen and my wife explained about the box of notecards and the July 4th theme. The owner asked to see the cards and after viewing them she asked how much we sold them for. I responded that I didn't sell them commercially and she responded 'You do now'. We agreed on a price and we have been making and selling boxed notecards since.

My wife and I worked on the business together and we did all our own printing, folding and packaging. We became interested in the web as a means of displaying and selling notecards but soon became interested in selling prints also, hence Knoteworthy Kards & Prints. As of this writing our first web site, created by myself, is on the way out and is being replaced by a professional web site created by VII Design Concepts.
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