Lil No Peep

Lil No Peep

#Ask4TheSheep, because privacy matters.

The 'Lil No Peep' peep hole privacy cover prevents unwanted viewing through door viewers. It's ready for use at home, at the dorm or in a hotel room when you travel.

Because Privacy Matters: As a frequent business traveler, April Roberts Holland, our Founder/CEO, noticed how big hotel room peep holes are! She created LiL No Peep, to cover her peep hole at home and when she travels.

Lil No Peep(TM) shows that the lodging industry cares about guest room privacy. Get started today.

Operation Lil No Peep(TM)

Operation LiL No Peep is a program that promotes hotel guest privacy and webcam privacy. This is an awareness campaign, mitigating privacy issues and costs for the lodging industry, and promotes computer privacy as well..LiL No Peep provides a whimsical way to show your guests and users that their privacy is very important to your company and industry.
  • Lil No Peep(TM) Peep Hole Covers for All Doors.
  • Lil No Peep(TM) Magnetic Peep Hole Covers for Metal Doors.
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