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Operation SYT Launch | Syt Biz

Providing support to military spouse entrepreneurs

We started by providing website design services to members of the military community but are expanding to become an all in one resource to include courses, coaching and mentoring.

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 Washington DC Metro Area but also throughout US & Canada
 13017 Wisteria Dr., Germantown, MD. 20874
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Who We Are

We are Lily & Patricia, the dynamic duo behind Operation SYT Launch. For as long as we can remember, we’ve been considered “The Techy Twins”. Our father was determined that we would inherit his love of computers so he started us in computer classes at the tender age of 6. 

Since then our love for computers has only grown from when we were building websites on Angelfire (to share our poetry with the world) to building full websites for business clients as SYT Biz. Now we’re excited to be able to use those skills to give back to the military community.

Why Operation SYT Launch?

I’m Lily, one half of the amazing tech twins behind SYT Biz. My sister/biz partner Patricia and I came up with the idea for Operation SYT Launch after getting involved with a local organization that helps wounded veterans. We wanted to do our part too. We thought about it and realized, we already love designing websites, why not do something with that? And Operation SYT Launch was born!

In the past year, our mission and vision have grown to include coaching, mentoring, and courses so we can provide different types of support to military spouses who are just getting started on their entrepreneurial journey. 

When you’re an entrepreneur just getting started, you’re putting together the many puzzle pieces of your business. Your website is one important piece — but a confusing and expensive piece for many!

Like some, you also find that tech drives you crazy. Who has time to waste on building a DIY website? Or the resources to throw thousands of dollars at a high-end web design? After all, time and money are your most valuable assets.

In just three days, we can have you up and running with our One Page Syt package!

We’re a one-stop website shop for busy entrepreneurs. We make it simple for you to succeed and look professional online. You’ll be proud to send your clients to a clean, professional website that truly showcases your business. All of this — in less than a week’s time!

The icing on the cake? Since all of our websites are built on the Divi theme, your website can grow and change as your business does. Now that’s freedom from tech stress!

Ready to get your website up and running? Let us help you put this important puzzle piece in place for you. Click here to schedule a fitting call today.

Introducing... Business in a Box, a new course we've launched in partnership with the National Veterans Chamber of Commerce! 

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, now’s the time.

Get guidance from experts who can help you from coming up with an idea to actually launching in just 30 days!

Have you been thinking of starting your own business but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve been so overwhelmed by the vast amount of resources available that you’re fighting analysis paralysis?

We’ve been there. We spent the first four years of our business running around in circles because we didn’t have the tools, resources, and guidance to do it right the first time. Now we’re here to save you time and headache.

With our help (and additional experts!) launch your business with the right foundation the first time around.

Find out more information and enroll here: https://operationsytlaunch.com/business-in-a-box/

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Syt Biz offers amazing customer service and they are extremely professional and responsive. A dynamic duo, who will guide you through making what works for YOU! Every time I click on my website it makes me smile! I’m thrilled and love my website! I couldn’t ask for more-I highly recommend!! Thank you Lily and Patricia.

~Vince Loran, Ignite RPM

Today my second website with Syt Biz went live and I absolutely love it. Working with Lily & Patricia have been wonderful both times. My business partner and I used their Syt in a Week plan, chose a template, filled out the information form, decided on a start date and they worked their magic. It was an easy process since the form laid out exactly what was needed to publish the website and they were very patient with us gathering our thoughts and photos. I have and will continue to recommend Lily and Patricia’s business, Syt Biz to create websites for my family, friends, and acquaintances alike.

~Jackie Crowley Oehlschlager, Journey Through Education

Lily has been fantastic to work with. Our nonprofit organization @K9sServingVets was looking for something better than the design company we were with and we certainly found it with Lily and SytBiz! Our organization is so grateful to have been referred to her by TreyTatro. Right out of the gate it was clear that Lily and Patricia were committed to understanding what we do, how we help Veterans and how we want to convey that through our website. It’s great to have a consultant create a great product but having that consultant take the time to understand your business so that they can deliver exactly what you’re looking for is outstanding. We have received countless compliments on the site. Veterans and military spouses working together to support our heroes is a great combination!

~Kira Clark, K9s Serving Vets

I found Lily (Syt Biz) on LinkedIn. I had been searching around for a website designer to give my website a new look. I originally figured I would try to do it myself. What I ended up with was a website that I was embarrassed to promote. Lily was extremely responsive the entire time, very open to what I was looking for, and most of all delivered a website I LOVE. All of my questions were answered. I highly recommend!

~Cassie-Rebecca Schwartz, Deadline Accounting

Lily is a dedicated professional who I have had the pleasure of working with on a project. She asked great questions, was very thorough in her approach and delivered on-time. She has a good sense of humor that makes working with her enjoyable and learned a few things along the way. Would recommend anyone looking for support on their website as a new launch or making updates, reach out to Lily.

~Keith Trippie, GotUrSix TV

I was building my company website from scratch and realized making a WordPress site is not easy if you’ve never done it. Lily and her sister responded quickly to my inquiry and provided a huge sense of relief in a matter of a few hours. They reviewed my work, gave me recommendations, and integrated Hubspot, forms, and email within a few hours of me signing the agreement. In an area that she wasn’t familiar with, she went out of her way to call the domain provider so I didn’t have to and she quickly learned how to implement my requests. Not only was Lily super professional, but she had a great easy going energy which made a really stressful situation much easier to handle. The final outcome was exactly as expected and I was even left with a free extra hour of work in case I needed future support. I highly recommend Lily and her sister for all WordPress projects!

~Marcela Denniston, CISSP

Please feel free to contact us using the information below.

E-mail: Lily [at] SytBiz [dot] com

 Washington DC Metro Area but also throughout US & Canada
 13017 Wisteria Dr., Germantown, MD. 20874
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