Pocket Parks Publishing

Pocket Parks Publishing

Guides to pocket parks and public spaces in various cities.

We publish guides to pocket parks and public spaces in New York City with future cities to be added in the future including Washington, DC, Los Angeles and London.

Veteran Stories is a service of Pocket Parks Publishing and was born out of O'Brien's participation in the EBV-F Program (Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans' Families) at Florida State University. 

Veterans' Stories is a paid service whereby veterans' stories are captured in a simple paperback book so they can pass them down to their family and friends, or for coworkers to give their stories to a friend who is moving or retiring. It's great for military spouses, too.

Veteran Stories is a service of Pocket Parks Publishing which was created to publish guides to green spaces in cities around the U.S. and in London. Our mission is to hire as many military family members, women and veterans as possible since these groups often have difficuly working a 9-5 job around family and other commitments. 

A guide to those tiny little gems in the middle of the concrete jungle.

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BEST Pocket Parks of NYC
Rosemary O'Brien
Pocket Parks Publishing

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