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Platinum Aerial Contractors, LLC.

Platinum Aerial Contractors, LLC.

Drone Services, Signage, Packaging, and Printing Services

We specialize in drone services, printing, signage, and packaging solutions. 25+ years experience.

area: US
address: Carrollton, GA. 30116
ph: 770-833-6544
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  • Platinum Aerial Contractors is a Veteran Owned Small Business and the premiere company in the US offering beautiful aerial photography/cinematography drone services at reasonable prices. We are passionate about providing the highest quality aerial video, photography, packaging, signage, and printing services to our clients.

    Unparalleled Sophistication: Aerial Video Drones

    By using the most sophisticated and efficient radio controlled aerial video drones, we capture images from eye level to 400 feet. Viewing the finished aerial video can only be described as an awesome experience.

    Focus on Your Aerial Video Needs!

    Our services are tailored to the unique needs of our individual clients. Working closely with you, paying attention to the details, we can achieve an amazing visual impact with stunning aerial imagery for your Commercial and Movie Aerial Video, Real Estate, Construction, Jobsite Progress (Volume metrics), FLIR Imagery, LiDar Imagery, Golf Courses, Car Dealerships, Commercial Property Advertising, Residential Insurance, Architectural, Roof Inspection, Cell Tower Visual Inspection, Flare Stack Inspection, Historical Preservation, Mapping, Virtual Tours, Accident Investigation, Search and Rescue, Agricultural…. Our team prides itself on delivering a truly personal professional service. We are safe, efficient, skilled, and reliable.

    We specialize in creative projects of all shapes and sizes, startups, marketing strategy, branding, new business development, and printing.
  • Print Services done for you

    ​Here at Platinum Aerial Contractors, in addition to our state of the art drone service and aerial photography in Atlanta, we offer professional printing services to fit the needs of businesses, and consumers alike. Platinum Aerial Contractors, LLC has more than 25+ years in print, paper, signage, and packaging industry. We can produce beautiful images from our photography and videos that leave a lasting impact on your business' marketing efforts.

    PAC takes the time to understand your business needs, and then we work with our teams to develop cost effective and sustainable solutions. Ask us about how we can help you with any of your advertising, printing, packaging, and marketing materials to capture the audience with our exceptional print services!

    Our Platinum Advantage for Print

    • Directional, Wayfinding, and ADA Signage
    • Store Signage (Permanent and Temporary)
    • Signage Installations
    • Custom Binders
    • Apparel
    • Magazines
    • Brochures
    • Business Cards
    • Envelopes
    • POP and POS displays
    • Shipping Cartons and Retail Packaging
    • Labels
    • Inserts
    • Postcards
    • Banners
    • Direct Mail
    • Media Placement
    • Promotional
    • Creative
    • Social Media/Website
  • Aerial Imagery Services 

    Platinum Aerial Contractors has all of your aerial video photography imagery needs covered. We strive to be at the forefront of innovation and technology in order to provide the absolute best in precise and accurate data collection and processing to all of our clients.We utilize the latest in drone technology and sensors including FLIR and LiDAR. 
    We help you increase site safety and efficiency, and greatly reduce operating costs by providing our clients with key business information that is a custom tailored solution to fit each unique clients needs.
    We service agricultural, forestry, utilities, landfill and solid waste, mapping, surveying, commercial roofing contractors, commercial property owners, car dealerships and everything in between. If you need footage or shots taken from high up alongside buildings, on top of roofs, or in places that you just can't physically get to, then our top of the line aerial services are the perfect fit! 

    Aerial Imagery Services Offered

    • Mapping and Surveying
    • Landfills and Solid Waste
    • Wetlands 
    • Animal Research
    • Erosion Control
    • Accident Investigation
    • Advertising
    • Agricultural
    • Architectural
    • Car Dealerships
    • Commercial and Movie
    • Construction/Jobsite
    • Golf Courses
    • Historical Preservation​
    • Real Estate
    • Residential Insurance
    • Roof Inspection
    • Search and Rescue
    • Utilities Inspection
    • Virtual Tours
    • Weddings

    • Wayfinding Signage
    • Directional Signage
    • Expand Exterior Signage
    • PAC Atlanta Construction Site Inspection
    • PAC Atlanta Aerial Utility Inspection
    • PAC Atlanta Thermal Inspection
  • Please feel free to contact us using the information below.


    “Certified Veteran Owned”

    Printing and sUAV (Drone) Specialists

    area: US
    address: Carrollton, GA. 30116
    ph: 770-833-6544