Judy Davis - The Direction Diva

Judy Davis - The Direction Diva

Motivational Speaker, Author and Military Life & Teen Suicide Prevention Expert

Judy Davis is a motivational speaker, author and military lifestyle blogger as well as a military life and teen suicide prevention expert. Co-founder of LivingThruCrisis.com

An active duty Army Spouse, Judy works with individuals and organizations helping them understand and move beyond the challenges and issues facing the military community today. Whether its in the pages of her latest book, on her blog, or speaking to an audience or  Judy's ability to bridge the gap, highlight challenges and offer solutions is refreshing.

Judy is a highly professional & knowledgeable partner with a passion and expertise that centers around helping military families make the most of the challenges and change that military life brings.

She is a subject matter expert on life as a military family and teen suicide prevention as well as in stress relief, mental and behavioral health concerns, relationship strategies, personal resiliency and general life balance techniques. Judy specializes in revealing the unspoken truths of military life and provides the tools needed to navigate the emotional side of military life. 

Connect with Judy on her website (http://thedirectiondiva.com) or for information on suicide prevention visit Living Thru Crisis a seminar program addressing suicide ideation, depression and addiction in military teens and works with her son to address the real life challenges military families face when their dependent is in crisis.

BOOK: Right Side Up: Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down is Judy's new book that helps military spouses navigate the stress, chaos and change that goes hand in hand with military life.  You can learn more and purchase here

Book: Warning Signs: Is Your Teen at Risk for Depression, Addiction or Suicide? Purchase here

Living Thru Crisis is a seminar based program that provides in The Unspoken Truths About Teen Depression, Suicide Ideation and Addiction to military and civilian leaders and brings hope to families in crisis. For more information visit Living Thru Crisis

Services for Businesses & Organizations:

Judy Davis is your connection to the military community:

If you are looking for a highly professional, experienced & knowledgeable partner with strong speaking, blogging and social media skills then look no further. I can help you reach the military spouse community through:

  1. Traditional Partnerships
    • Value added sponsorships available on my website, events and upcoming book campaigns
    • Website, Blog and Event Advertising
  2. Enhancement of Your Current Efforts
    • Content Creation for marketing campaigns
    • Inspirational speaker for your next event
    • Write/Blog for your publication or website
    • Consult and provide expert insight on the challenges and needs of the military community
    • Conduct audio marketing interviews highlighting your product, service or business
  3. Promotion of Your Brand/Company
    • Strategic Social Media campaigns
    • Product endorsements/reviews
    • Public spokesperson/commercial voiceover
    • Available through sponsorship to attend an event to purposefully promote your brand

Judy’s Most Requested Keynote & Breakout Topics

Military Spouse Seminar/Keynote Topics

Right Side Up: Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down (Navigating the change, chaos and stress of military life can be challenging. Take an engaging and insightful look at the most difficult aspects of military life and how they can turn your world upside down. In this highly customized talk Judy shares tools, strategies and inspiration with attendees so they can embrace their lives, find balance and experience joy as they turn their lives Right Side Up. Based on Judy’s Book RightSideUp)

Flush The Stress: Finding Balance In The Military (Military life can be stressful. In this fun and engaging talk Judy shares techniques for getting rid of the stress so participants can find balance in their lives. Perfect for a breakout session or customized keynote) 

Channel Your Inner Hooah: (Often the challenges of military life make it difficult for families to move forward. Participants will learn Strategies for Embracing life as a Military Spouse and find out how to tap into their own strength.)

Kevlar Kouples: Bullet Proofing for a Happy Military Marriage (As a military couple it can feel as though your relationship is a constant target for destruction. In her distinctly raw and real approach Judy shares how she and her husband of 24 years keep it together as she teaches military couples tips, strategies and simple techniques about what it takes to have a happy and healthy military marriage. Attendees leave with a new understanding of how to navigate the highs and lows that come with the military lifestyle.)

Rock Your Business: Real Strategies for Military Spouse Entrepreneurship (The demands of being an entrepreneur are vast, add in the challenges of being a military spouse, veteran or active duty service member and your stress levels can reach a whole new  threat level. Judy shares real strategies for finding that sweet spot between moving forward and balancing your daily life while keeping your family strong.)

Small Business Seminar/Keynote Topics

Save Your Small Business: Strategies for Success (The idea of starting, building and growing a business is very different from the actuality that is an entrepreneurs every day life. From income streams and planning to growth and burnout Judy shares what can go wrong and provides simple strategies for saving your small business so you can find the success you dream of.)

Networking Ninja (You know that networking is key to long term growth & success in your business. You also know that networking in a way that doesn’t have people running for the hills isn’t always so simple. This fun and powerful talk about the many “faces of networking” will not only have you laughing, but it will help you identify where and how you can step up your game so YOU are the person people are talking about).

Rock Your Business: Real Strategies for Entrepreneurship (The demands of being an entrepreneur are vast, add in the challenges of family life and your stress levels can reach a whole new threat level. Judy shares real strategies for finding that sweet spot between moving forward and balancing your daily life while keeping your family strong.)

Living Thru Crisis Seminar/Keynote Topics

Living Thru Crisis tackles the growing issue of teen depression, suicide ideation and addiction. Our mission is to bring real life experience to an often stigmatized issue by sharing our families story.  After his suicide attempts resulted in a diagnosis of PTSD/depression/addiction, Judy’s son Geoffrey is in recovery and works with Judy to help families before it’s too late.

The Duo provides strategies, coping skills and hope teaching parents, community leaders and families that Suicide, Depression and Addiction aren’t selective. For information and details on the specific seminars we offer visit: Living Thru Crisis

“Are You At Risk” Seminars:

Is Your Teen at Risk? (available with a military &/or civilian focus)
 Are You or a Colleague at Risk? (available for corporate & organizational events)

Leadership Seminars:

Crisis on the Horizon – Military Perspective In a panel discussion format Geoffrey & Judy present and answer questions  to help organizations and military leadership understand the unique challenges military dependents face today. Addressing the growing concerns of suicide ideation, depression and addiction in military dependents the duo address how the long term effects of war are effecting families and facilitate a discussion on how your community can fight back before it’s to late.

Crisis on the Horizon – Community Perspective In a panel discussion Judy Davis and her son Geoffrey discuss the growing concern of teen suicide, depression and addiction. The duo shares their journey while facilitating a discussion and answering questions on how your community can fight back before it’s too late.

Contact us today to be part of your next event either via email to Info[at]Livethrucrisis[dot]com or form submission

Direction Diva inspired talks are highly customized and may be tailored to many specific circumstances.

Judy is  a speaker who . .

* Touches your audience
* Relates well to your group
* Meets your specific and unique needs
* Incorporates humor & sincerity

If you are interested learning more about the above topics, and would like to hire Judy to work with your group/organization please choose one of these options:

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'Judy Davis was so fabulous!!!! It was such a breath of fresh air having a motivational speaker empowering wives to be their best and make 'their own story' of their military life 'opportunity'. I can't remember the last time I attended an event that didn't revolve around our husbands in one way or another and I think you hit the nail on the head bringing Judy in to give a different (much needed) perspective. I loved it!!!'

~Dawn - Ft Benning, GA

“This talk helped me learn how to seize every moment, stop and take action. If I feel I made a wrong choice that I can adjust and make a new one. This really helps me during many situations especially while my husband is deployed”.

~Esperanza - Ft Bliss, Tx

“What I absolutely loved about this talk was realizing how a “hitting bottom” moment can be turned into a betterment opportunity.”~

~Veronica - Ft Bliss, Tx

“Such a dynamic speaker, filled with energy, enthusiasm and practical tools for everyday life that work! You really know your audience and hit a chord with your fabulous stories. We would recommend you to any organization who wants to be motivated and look at life in a positive, joyful and productive way“.

~Stellar-Gaia Business Alliance Network

“Judy is a fantastic speaker who knows how to deliver a message in small group settings as well as to large groups. She really can engage, inspire and inform an audience no matter the size”.

~Susan - Detroit, MI

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