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STEPHANIE BROWN, The Rosie Network CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

Stephanie is a senior military spouse who grew up as an Air Force "brat," moving around the country and overseas. Her father was a Vietnam veteran with over 20 years of active duty service who retired on full disability. He was an entrepreneur at heart and went on to get his college degree, with honors, and open a music store in California. Growing up around military families supporting each other has been a way of life for Stephanie.

She was a small business owner in D.C. when she met and married her husband, Tom. Ask her and she'll tell you that she can relate to the sacrifices military spouses make with regard to their professional careers and personal goals, as she was forced to close up shop and move overseas.

"There are over 3 million veteran-owned businesses and 50,000 military spouse entrepreneurs in this country, yet it remains difficult to locate them," Stephanie says, "and the current focus for jobs continues to be traditional employment - which is a struggle for the reasons we are all too familiar with. It's time to promote our entrepreneurial spouses, who know what a truly Portable Career means, and our veteran-owned businesses. That's what we are all about."

Stephanie Brown lives in San Diego with her youngest son, horses, dogs, chickens and various other "critters" on what is referred to as the Brown Family Farm. She was presented the Commander's Award for Civilian Service by the Commanding General of SOCSOUTH. Her husband, Rear Admiral Tom Brown is active-duty with over 27 years of service and is currently stationed in Washington, D.C.

JILL IVIE, The Rosie Network Director of Operations and Co-Founder

Executive Director

As a Navy spouse for 25 years, Jill has always been passionate about supporting military families. As Co-Founder of The Rosie Network, she looks forward to promoting our nation’s veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs to the public.

Over her military spouse career, Jill has had the pleasure of serving both Naval Special Warfare and her local community as Ombudsman for Naval Special Warfare Unit 8 in Panama and Ombudsman for SEAL Team 8 in Virginia Beach. She was also instrumental in setting up the Naval Special Warfare Ombudsman Conference.

While stationed in Germany, she served as a board member of the Stuttgart Community Spouses Club, volunteered with Americans Working Around the Globe (AWAG) and participated in several U.S. European Command Quality of Life and Commander’s Conferences. Most recently, she represented the Naval Special Warfare community as a Senior Spouse at the U.S Special Operations Command Care Coalition Conference in Tampa.

Jill has a degree in Interior Design and during her spare time, you can find her at the lovely little design shop, Cotier in Coronado, CA. She has been married to SOCM Troy Ivie for 25 years. They currently reside in Coronado California with their 2 boys ages 13 and 19.

JILL IVIE, The Rosie Network Director of Operations and Co-Founder

Executive Director of Development

Robin Elliott has been a mainstay in the Naval Special Warfare Community for over 20 years. She has had many military moves to include tours in Virginia Beach, VA (2); Coronado, CA (3); Manama, Bahrain; Newport, RI; Fayetteville, NC; and Stuttgart, Germany.

Maintaining the moral of the families has been her focus in every command she and her husband, recently retired, SEAL Captain Stewart Elliott, have been a part of. She dedicated her time to supporting the families throughout his entire career. Especially during four SEAL command tours. She also took on the role as Senior West Coast Spouse when her husband was the Chief of Staff for all of Naval Special Warfare.

Robin has had a tremendous effect on the military community. She has the hands on understanding of the unique life that a military spouse endures, having to “reestablish” herself with each move and during many deployments. Her goal was to always make it easier for the incoming spouses and families to their new environment, regardless of location. As one example, after only six months in Stuttgart, Germany, she created the “Wish I’d Known That” help guide for the families of the command, which is now used as the standard handout for all Special Operation Command Europe and Special Operations Africa’s newly reporting families.

Robin attended conferences worldwide throughout her time as a military spouse. Which include, yearly Ombudsman and Commander’s conferences from 1994-2012, and was selected as a Delegate at the Family Action Conference’s in Virginia Beach VA, Manama, Bahrain, Fayetteville, NC, and in Stuttgart, Germany. All were attended in the effort of bettering the lives of military families.

Over the past 20 years, Robin has received many awards and acknowledgements for her dedication to military families. To include, the most recent, “Meritorious Public Service Medal” from the Department of the Navy; Commanders Awards (3) for continuous dedication to volunteerism; and the most special and personal to her are the four Command Awards from each command and unit she has been a part of as a Senior Spouse; Given to her directly from the families and spouses themselves for continual support and dedication to their well being.

Since her husband’s retirement, in February 2013, The Rosie Network, allows Robin to continue to support these talented and skilled Military Spouses and Veterans with the same enthusiasm and dedication she loves. Robin now lives in Boulder, CO, with her wonderful family!

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