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Today's Rosies are their OWN boss.  From Lawyers & Landscapers to Artists & Architects - you name it, they are part of our Network and promoting them is our MISSION.

One of the ways we do this is by providing our members with a free 'business profile webpage' - check out some of our amazing military entrepreneur Business Profile Webpages below. 

Rosie Sarah Andrea - Photography
"I love working closely with my clients to capture the exact creative vision they want their images to convey. My photo shoots are relaxed, fun, and I focus on providing the best overall experience for my clients which will in turn allow for the best possible images between you and your loved ones".
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Rosie Amber Wendy - Life Coach
"I work with people who are so damn thirsty for things to be different. Some clients have been through a life-changing event that leaves them feeling lost and unsure about what to do next. Most are tired of doing what they should do and seek something meaningful". I am a certified life coach who loves to help people determine the best direction for their lives.
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Rosie Mandy Mandy - Furniture Restoration
"I love to collaborate with clients on ideas and color choices in making an old piece new again. I love the hunt for that specific piece to transform into your personal style and space. I offer a service to update and completely transform outdated dressers, dining tables, coffee tables, as well as hutches and more".
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Amber Capon Amber - Real Estate
Amber brings a fun and fresh approach to today's fast-paced real estate market. A natural "people person" with a strong work ethic, Amber has a knack for making her clients' offers stand out amongst the competition and walking away with the deal. Clients and colleagues alike rave of her professionalism and unparalleled dedication to the industry. Amber has successfully built her business on honesty, integrity, and commitment.
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Rosie Theresa Theresa - Travel Agent
"I am passionate about experiencing the world. Like others I desire intelligent, intriguing and illuminating discoveries. When embarking on solo excursions, girl trips, family travel or small group tours we are choosing life-enhancing travel. I draw upon my expertise in travel worldwide to create extraordinary vacations for people to explore the world through their unique and personal point of view".
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Peggy Lacey Peggy - Estetician
Realizing that her true passion was in treating and improving the skin, Peggy went to work in one of the first skin care salons in San Diego, Mia Grossman’s Inc. This position gave her a chance to train with one of the best and most respected estheticians in the industry.
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